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Portrait © CJ Benninger 2019

Adam Lalonde is a multidisciplinary artist originally from the Detroit area, currently residing in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


Compelled to create art from a young age, an early love for film photography and skill at creating interesting compositions led him to his current specialty of hand cut paper collage. Adam has been curating an assortment of found images for his work since 2012, when he first took home some science books from a garage sale and decided to repurpose them as art.


Since then his collage work has been exhibited in solo and group shows, received awards, appeared in multiple print publications and on television, sold in local boutiques throughout Michigan, and adorned album covers and merchandise for various musicians.


All of his collage work is entirely hand made, the materials sourced primarily from flea markets and secondhand bookstores, and is inspired by old photographs, literature, science fiction, art history, and the occult. He often blends elements from both vintage and modern sources, giving new life to discarded and forgotten images.

In search of a new creative outlet to supplement collage, Adam took an interest in machine tufting in early 2022 and began learning how to make rugs and other textile art. 

If you are interested in licensing any of his existing work or commissioning something custom, or have any other inquiries, please use the form below. 


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